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What is transcription?
A transcription service generally means converting an audio or video file into a written format or electronic text document. However, transcription involves much more than that. The type of transcription entirely depends on a client’s need. The client’s need depends on how the transcription is going to be used. 
There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. If you need any help choosing the right solution for your needs, we can help you to decide by discussing your requirements. We are the foremost transcription service in Nigeria.

Why do you need transcription service?
While an office assistant or company secretary can prepare business transcripts in-house, they won't be able to match the value of speed, efficiency and eye for detail offered by a professional transcription company. Apart from accuracy, cost-effectiveness and speed factor, transcription companies provide multiple hiring options that allow businesses to choose the type of professional service they wish to hire.

So, your company doesn't need to hire a full time employee, they can employ Nigerian professional transcribers on contractual basis or part-time that proves to be both accurate and economic and also understand the dictation from local speakers in Nigeria.

Here are a few more reasons why organizations should go for the services of professional business transcription companies:

  • Provision of professionally trained business transcriptionists who achieve close to 100 percent accuracy
  • Guaranteed quick turnaround time and 24x7 professional services that enable you to meet water-tight deadlines
  • Customized services that fulfil all legal requirements of your profession and industry
  • Cheapest rates that are both mutually beneficial to both the clients and company and also help you eliminate cost overheads
  • Ability to handle wide range of input file formats (Analog recordings, MP3, WAV, etc.) and produce output in customer specified file formats including .DOC, .DOCX, PDF or .TXT files
  • Your documents get reviewed by a Review Manager to eliminate errors to its most minimal.
  • For podcast creators in Nigeria, the importance of transcription service to your business range from giving your website better user experience, to SEO of your website, increase the accessibility of your website, and those who prefer reading to listening.
  • As a legal practitioner, you can use transcription services for your interviews, legal proceedings, etc.

Why Are Transcription Services Necessary?
Most companies in Nigeria require mandatory business transcriptions to avoid disputes and lawsuits later on. However, choosing a professional transcription company in Nigeria for your business interactions can help you grow business by availing a variety of business intrinsic services.

Businesses choosing transcription outsourcing, gain additional benefits like:

  • Professionally transcribed transcripts that record all important details and save you from trying to remember or debate over trivial issues
  • Accurate material for letters and reports to be sent to your clients, customers and shareholders
  • Flexibility to repurpose existing digital content (webinars, podcasts and dictations) into books (eBooks/physical books) and courses.
  • Time and flexibility to create content strategy for SEO and product creation

Our Transcription services


  • AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION: All English accents or local dialects transcribed. Any audio files accepted.
  • VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: English audio and on-screen descriptions. TV,​ films,​ webinars,​ as well as video.
  • CUSTOM TRANSCRIPTION: Bespoke solutions for English transcription available. New partnerships.

We offer a range of transcription types:

  • Verbatim
  • Technical
  • Revised Summary
  • Script Style
  • Multiple Speakers

No request is too unusual and we can work with a variety of file formats. Contact our team today for more information or a tailor made quote.
Transcription Services Nigeria is provided by Nigeria foremoat and premier Transcription company throughout Nigeria,​ Africa and beyond and is used by many in different sectors and professions – from legal or medical,​ business,​ financial,​ academicians to technology start-ups,​ government departments,​ as well as other corporate organisations.


  • We provide expert subject English transcribers + select add-on options!
  • Fast accurate transcriptions services
  • Audio,​video or custom transcripts + various transcript formats.
  • Instant quote,​ file upload + quick online account.
  • Confidentiality assured, ​as well as secure online protocols.


We are a general English-language transcription services company. Accordingly,​ clients use us for a wide range of subjects and choose our English transcription services because of our excellent reputation to transcribe many local dialects and capability to transcribe large volumes of audio or video recordings.
Typist Nigeria clients request a variety of transcriptions,​ consequently,​ we transcribe a wide variety of recordings. These include dictations,​ legal disputes and court cases,​ disciplinary hearings,​ focus group research and findings,​ and media such as TV,​ film,​ Vimeo,​ and YouTube videos. We also transcribe medical research,​ general research,​ teleconferencing discussions,​ business meetings and summaries,​ police cases,​ private investigations,​ insurance reports,​ financial reports,​ marketing research and strategies,​ podcasts,​ journalist interviews,​ academic thesis,​ university lectures,​ as well as religious sermons.


Our rates are quite innovative and pocket friendly. They are also mutually beneficial as well. We charge at 20kobo per word which depends on the number of words transcribed in each document. However,​ for custom transcription,​ our price is negotiable and will depend on the job as a whole.


Clients using Typist Nigeria range from individuals to business and government.
Our University transcription services are also popular with staff and students who are looking for an English transcription service at University of Ibadan,​ University of Nigeria,​ University of Lagos,​ Obafemi Awolowo University,​ Covenant University,​ Ahmadu Bello University,​ Federal University of Technology,​ University of Ilorin,​ University of Benin,​ University of Abuja,​ Federal University of Technology,​ University of Agriculture,​ Afe Babalola University,​ Landmark University,​ University of Port Harcourt,​ as well as many other academic institutions in Nigeria.


Our transcribers and typists are handpicked and subsequently assessed for professionalism. Following this,​ successful candidates are contracted to make up a vast pool of experienced and tested audio and video transcribers and typists who transcribe and type English dialects and a wide range of subject matter. Typist Nigeria Transcription Services in Nigeria  teams also do both background research and final review on every document to ensure correct meanings and terms are used in each and every transcript before forwarded to the client.


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